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South West Diving Technical - Terms and Conditions



Divers should:

1. Be qualified, experienced and dive-fit for the proposed dive(s) and depth planned.

2. Use appropriate gas mixtures for the proposed dive(s) and depth planned.

3. Not dive beyond their certification, experience or capabilities.

4. Dive in a safe manner with all equipment in full working condition.

5. Bring a 'droptank' (if required) in case of emergency and advise the crew of its gas status and deployment method.



1. Storage of dive equipment. We are happy to store dive-kit overnight if you are aboard two or more consecutive days. However, please only leave it in areas as indicated by the crew. Please note that we will not be held liable for any loss or damage to equipment whilst aboard (at any time) however caused.

2. We operate a no smoking policy aboard.

3. No soaking wet equipment in the wheelhouse please!

4. We are responsible for the vessel, its equipment and crew aboard.

5. Oxygen and other first aid & lifesaving equipment is aboard.



We will endeavour to dive the planned divesite (as advertised or chosen) but the weather (amongst other things) is out of our control, and if circumstances are that we cannot dive the planned divesite safely, we will offer the next best alternative. This alternative divesite will have a minimum depth of 20m. For example, we may be planning on a 70m deep 25 mile offshore divesite but if the weather is against us, we may dive a 55m deep 8 mile offshore divesite or if that is still undiveable, a 25m deep 5 mile inshore divesite. This is a strict term of acceptance by the diver(s) on booking any technical dive trip. Diving costs/charges may be altered at any point, upto and including the day of the dive. Costs may increase or decrease within reason, at the skippers discretion. This is most likely if the days diving is altered from the planned divesite, for example a fuel refund. Dive run-times will not exceed 2 hours, unless agreed prior. Extended run-times causing excessive hours at sea may result in a surcharge being levied to the divers involved, at the skippers discretion.



By you.

Once your space has been confirmed by you (with deposit) and by us, you are liable for the full cost of the dive(s) planned. If you can no longer attend planned diving, then a replacement must be found or you will still be liable for the full cost of the dive(s). This replacement must also adhere to these Terms and Conditions in full. We reserve the right to refuse to accept a 'replacement diver' should they be considered to be in any way unsatisfactory. In this instance, full payment will still be required from you. We recommend divers consider holiday insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances.

By us.

Should the weather be against us so that we cannot dive any divesite deeper than 20m, we will suggest cancelling the dive. We check the weather forecasts regularly and decisions for a trip are normally made with approx 36 hours notice. In some instances, normally longer trips, decisions may be later, normally giving 24 hours notice. In this instance, all monies will be either be carried forward or refunded. On 3 day trips and longer, we may cancel one day but still run the trip, in this case we will refund the cancelled day only.


Confirmation, Deposit and Balance

Booking. Acceptance of this booking is solely at our discretion.

Deposit. Fees are variable but generally 50% and must be paid as requested, at the time of booking, as a deposit to reserve your space and to confirm the trip.

Balance. The balance of payment is due 4 weeks prior to the diving date(s).


By completing this form and/or paying a deposit, you are stating your full agreement to all of the above Terms and Conditions.





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